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We each have more than 30 years of experience in the sale of mechanical joints, specializing
in blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, blind rivet tools, special screws for construction and facade as well as bolt welding.
We represent exclusively recognized high quality brands with sales directly or through selected partners to the professional market.
Blind rivets (GESIPA and GOEBEL)
Blind rivet nuts (GESIPA and GOEBEL)
Blind rivet tools (GESIPA and GOEBEL)
Welding studs (SOYER)
Welding pins (SOYER)
Welding bushings (SOYER)
Stud welding machines (SOYER)
Screws and fastening products for barley and industry (SFS Intec)
Mechanical joints - Stitching (Clinch) and locking (BTM)
Bolts, nuts and washers on request.
Welcome to schröders industrial Products (SIP)
Henrik Olsen & Søren Lindquist

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